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Downloadable Resources

Yoga Videos

Spinal Movement Sequence

Gentle yoga sequence exploring spinal movements

Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness meditation can be used as part of a recovery or pain management plan. Why not try this short 7 minute exercise to see if it's for you?

Get Moving Yoga Flow

This is a yoga flow sequence designed to get you moving! Don't worry too much if you don't follow exactly- the best moves are always the improvised ones!

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Running and Strength Training

Our favourite exercises for building stronger runners

Simple Strength: Basic Program

Simple strength program for people who hate the gym. 5 basic exercises to help you build foundational strength. Complete this program twice per week.

Always consult your physician prior to starting an exercise regime.

Should you wish to start a personalised program to address specific goals message us now.

Sleep Hygiene

Did you know that not getting enough good quality sleep can affect your pain levels? Here are 7 tips to getting your sleep back on track.

Nerve-related back pain

Nerve-related back pain is often referred to as 'Sciatica'. If you think you may have back pain that is due to a nerve issue please see your physio for an assessment.


Tendinopathy Management

General tendinopathy load management info. If you think you have a tendinopathy please see your physio for an assessment.

Avoiding running injuries

Running is by nature a very repetitive activity- managing your weekly load well can help to avoid niggles.

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