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Moving forward from long term pain

Do you have long term (more than 3 months), pain issues? Have you tried many different treatments and therapies to try and lessen your pain experience but not found many with long term benefits? Does your pain stop you from participating in fun with friends and family or make working difficult?

If this is you then you are not alone. One in five people currently suffer from some form of persistent pain.

More and more health care providers are looking for holistic ways to help people with long term pain manage symptoms and get back control of their lives.

At MOJO we break things down to the following six factors to help you manage your pain.

- Exercise

- Pain relief

- Pacing

- Identifying aggravators

- Clinic based treatment

- Environment

Working with a professional to create a plan to tackle some of the key factors that impact your pain can be very beneficial and very empowering.


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