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Moving forward from long term pain

Do you have long term (more than 3 months), pain issues? Have you tried many different treatments and therapies to try and lessen your pain experience but not found many with long term benefits? Does your pain stop you from participating in fun with friends and family or make working difficult?

If this is you then you are not alone. One in five people currently suffer from some form of persistent pain.

More and more health care providers are looking for holistic ways to help people with long term pain manage symptoms and get back control of their lives.

At MOJO we break things down to the following six factors to help you manage your pain.

- Exercise

- Pain relief

- Pacing

- Identifying aggravators

- Clinic based treatment

- Environment

Yoga can cover many of these areas. The gentle movements and relaxation techniques in a yoga class can help you to start moving more comfortably. This can lead to you feeling confidant to add some exercise to your routine.

Being able to pace your activity can be practised in the class- figuring out what movements/activities to say no to and what to keep doing.

The class is a safe place to explore aggravating postures and positions- you stop when you decide and monitor your bodies response.

We are not the only providers of Yoga for Pain in the SouthWest. Ask us for a list of providers in your area.

Need to see the physio first? Book here


Yoga for Pain Class

Small group classes to support and sooth symptoms whilst introducing gentle movement. Learn simple techniques to settle pain and move more easily. 

Subsidy available to those with financial hardship- enquire via email.

per session


Yoga Ball

Yoga for Pain Online 

Kick start your Yoga for Pain journey from the comfort of your home with this simple 7 day course. Improve your pain in 10 minutes per day.

for 7 days



Pain Management Session

One on one session including physiotherapy assessment and detailed discussion of all factors influencing your pain. Home program to get back into movement and pain management strategies to get back on track.

90 minute session


Childs pose front.jpg

Private Yoga for Pain

One on one sessions allow for a more supportive environment to explore your individual challenges.

Techniques are tailored to your needs and goals. Ongoing support and advice available. Can be booked for a small group.

60 minute session


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